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2014 wedding trends
flapper fashion
More and more brides are asking for the flapper look, and it's here to stay!  I'm seeing a lot of lace, pearls, antique rhinestones and brooches.  The bridal gowns are ivory or a light sand color.  Think of this look as timeless, classy, vintage, romantic, elegant and soft all at the same time.  Other parts of the "flapper look" are chandeliers in the ballrooms, antique buffets, trunks, vintage white milk glass vases in assorted styles, and tall over the top arrangements with fluffy ostrich feathers amid lush white and cream flowers.  These brides are choosing peonies, garden roses, hydrangeas, Queen Ann's lace, and fresh stephanotis with pearl pins. 
modern princess
This bride has a royal wedding look going on...sleek and classy.  She has a slimming gown with a long train, a pretty tiara, and minimal jewelry.  I am noticing glass beading on flowers, cakes, shoes, dresses, just about everywhere.  The modern princess prefers bold colors with a few floral species for big impact.  She loves submersed flowers in tall and trendy vases with uplighting in the ballroom.  In demand are floral pomanders on the chairs and pews for the ceremony. Flowers that interest her are larger and bold such as orchids, calla lilies, proteas, and hydrangeas to name a few. 
garden and rustic gal
The garden wedding theme centered around locally grown flowers is gaining more and more popularity.  The garden bride is conscience of the environment and is looking for ways to upcycle old items the family already owns.  This gal is loving the carefree look of mixed garden flowers and grasses in assorted vessels such as antique watering cans, soda pop bottles, or mason jars.  She favors the look of burlap runners with tons of candles in different jam jars placed whimsically on the tables. Her bouquets are gathered with ribbon or twine and buttons and the flowers have some movement.  The venues she prefers range from a ski chalet to the backyard of a plantation or farm, from a  historic pavilion to a country garden.  She likes zinnias, dahlias, raununculus, lilies, sunflowers, phlox, lilacs...pretty much anything that grows locally and is pretty is a go!
The most popular look for today's bouquets is an elegant wrap around the stems.  However, for those seeking a single-flower style as well as au naturel brides, exposed stems are still a classic look.  Layered ribbons in different colors or textures is a modern alternative to classic ribbon-wrapped stems. Personalized wraps are growing in popularity as well.  Such items as an heirloom handkerchief (perhaps from a favorite grandmother or aunt) a locket bearing a photo of a lost loved one, or an embroidered ribbon with your monogram can used to make the bouquet truly yours.  Keepsake jeweled brooches add an elegant touch to today's bouquets.
Pastel bouquets rise above wedding trends and continue to be the most popular colors.  However, another option of this classic is becoming popular. Multiple shades of white are used to create a look that is both romantic and textured, yet soft and antique. For brides seeking color, selections can be made from many shades of a single hue.  Mixing pale pink peonies and hot pink ranunculuses with other flowers can reflect the rich pink tones for a more vibrant look.  Striking all-red bouquets with shades of burgundy and near-black can be mixed with slightly brighter crimson blooms for brides who prefer deep colors.
When it comes to shape, round bouquets are still the prettiest girl at the party and are my client's usual preference.  Shorter tear-drop cascading bouquets are becoming more and more popular, too!  For those brides seeking creativity, choose a bouquet that has movement to it.  This detail, often done by selecting interesting foliage or patterned ribbons, adds a hint of drama and intrigue in a modern fashion.  For mothers, traditional corsages are being supplanted by a small bouquet of small posies or other simple flowers.
More than flowers go into today's bouquets. For instance, texture can be added by using greenery such as succulents.  Contrast can be created with striped leaves such as aspidistra and hosta.  Non-floral elements like feathers, berries, rhinestones, brooches, colored pins and colored wiring can also be added.
green weddings
Being green: it's not easy but it is important, and weddings are no different.  Among the green options are organic fabrics, flowers, food and invitations. Making green and sustainable choices helps our environment. We promote making decisions that lower carbon emissions, promote sustainable practices, and support local businesses. Let's hope this trend is here to stay!
vintage glamor
The vintage look is all the rage right now.  Birdcage veils, lace, pearls, white gloves, tulle under skirts, sleek heels, brooches, and bright red lips are a few ways to get this look.  The classic elegance of the 50's and 60's exudes simplicity.  Some couples are opting for a cocktail reception with classic big band and swing music complete with martinis. 
style surprises
From a pair of high-top sneakers peeking out from under his tux to a glimpse of a pink petticoat under the hemline of her dress, bridal couples are putting their personal touches in their weddings more than ever.  How about pairing bright-green socks for the groom and bright-green shoes for the bride?  Couples are really showing their individuality, underneath it all.